Mar 04

Kerry’s State Dept. Looks to “Israel Lobby” Author for Expertise

From the Free Beacon, March 3, 2013
The US State Department, under new Secretary of State John Kerry, brought Stephen Walt, co-author of the notoriously unscholarly and prejudiced book “The Israel Lobby”, to speak as an expert in Israel-US relations. Walt, by the way, was a big backer of Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense. The two share a dislike of the Jewish-I mean Israel- lobby. Evidently so does the State Department. Walt spoke at the State Department on the eve of the annual AIPAC conference on mistakes the US makes in foreign policy.

The State Department has a long history of leaning away from Israel, to be diplomatic, since before Israel gained its standing as a sovereign state. Even now the State Department maintains an office in Jerusalem, in an Arab neighborhood, intended mainly for the benefit of Arabs, not American-born Israelis or tourists. The State Department does not acknowledge Jerusalem as being capital of Israel, or even a part of Israel. The US passports of people born in Jerusalem routinely list no country, just Jerusalem, as the place of birth.

Evidently, under the leadership of John Kerry, the State Department feels that it can begin again to drop some pretense of friendliness towards Israel, and wants to educate its staff on the dangers of the Jewish-I mean Israel-Lobby in the US.

Feb 12

BDS Lies at CUNY

Audio shows Brooklyn College lied about circumstances of Jewish students being thrown out of SJP event

From Algemeiner:
Audio from the Brooklyn College sponsored BDS event shows that the Jewish students present did not disrupt the event. School administrators, instructors and SJP people claimed they were evicted from the talk for being loud and disruptive. Evidently the only disruption was to be sitting and holding pamphlets that the SJP organizers didn’t like, especially Carlos Guzman, who confronted one of the students, told them they couldn’t have their pamphlets, and told security to remove the pro-Israel Jewish students. The vice-president for student affairs at Brooklyn College, Milga Morales, was sitting near by, did not intervene and later vouched for the lie.

“Academic freedom” seems, hypocritically enough, to mean that activist university instructors and administrators have control over what views are heard and what students are considered acceptable.

The chancellor of CUNY, Matthew Goldberg, now says they will investigate at the request of Karen Gould, the president of Brooklyn College, and issue a formal apology if what the Jewish students say about the events is found to be true. It should also fire or at least demote Morales. Better yet, it could stop officially sponsoring events whose goal is to slander and harm a nation because of the ethnicity of the majority of its people.

Jan 22

Want to See the Israeli Election Results Live?

Israel National News and the OU will be streaming live election results today.
Live Election results from Israel in English starting at 2 pm EST (4 pm MST) today.

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